List of various tests on Construction Material

This is a list of various tests to be carried on the construction material like cement, sand, aggregates and concrete.

  • Cement :
  1. Fineness Test
  2. Standard Consistency Test
  3. Initial & Final Setting Time of Cement
  4. Soundness of Cement
  5. Compressive Strength Test of Cement


  • Fine Aggregates : 
  1.  Fineness Modulus of F.A.
  2. Bulking of Sand
  3. Impurities in Sand


  • Coarse Aggregates :
  1. Fineness of C.A.
  2. Aggregate Crushing Value
  3. Aggregate Impact Value
  4. Flakiness Index of Aggregate
  5. Abrasion Test of Aggregate
  6. Gradation Test off Aggregate


  • Concrete :

#  Workability of Concrete

  1. Slump Cone Test
  2. Compaction Factor Test
  3. Vee-Bee Consistometer Test
  4. Flow Table Test


#   Strength Test on Concrete

  1. Compressive Strength Test on Concrete
  2. Split Tensile Strength Test on Concrete
  3. Mix Design
  4. Young’s Modulus & Poisson’s Ratio of Concrete




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