Productivity in Construction

Productivity in Construction

Increase in the productivity does not depend upon increasing the man-power.


Productivity is an efficiency or the performance to carry out the alloted task.

Greater is the productivity, lesser are the allocations of more man power, thus results in saving of the resources.


Productivity can be calculated as per the convenience in terms of quantity of work or in terms of man-hours.


Here, we have calculated productivity in terms of…..( No.of Labors / Quantity of work )


Consider an example, For Backfilling

The actual no. of labors = 4 Nos.

Quantity of work required to be done = 20 cum.

Thus to perform the work of 20 cum, the average productivity of 4 labors is,

                                     4 labors / 20 cum  =    0.20 labors/cum

i.e. For the performance of 1 cum of work, 0.20 labors are required.


The construction industry is booming all round and therefore productivity has recently been an important factor in terms of time, costs and quality triangle.

If we need to increase the productivity, we need to perform the following crucial steps:

                                    A. Grouping

                                    B. Sorting

                                    C. Training

                                    D. Uplift

                                    E. Remuneration

We need to group or categorize the labors and check their productivity based on their previous works.

If 5 groups of labors are performing at different sites, sorting of each labor shall be done individually. Find the productivity of each labor based on his work performance and sort the best from each group.

To others who have entertained lower productivity , uplift them through trainings and various inductions.

Remuneration also plays an important role indirectly, for the attitude towards the work, thus affecting the productivity.

Calculations for Productivity :

  1. Total M/P required   =    Quantity of work    /    Productivity
  2. Daily M/P required   =     Total M/P    /     Duration
  3. Total Duration required    =   Quantity of work   /    (Daily M/P required  x                        Productivity)

M/P : Manpower